Without knowing it, almost all of us carry pathogens. These are primarily microorganisms residing in the gut, the blood, and other body systems. Sometimes pathogens cause acute illness. For instance, the Y. pestis bacterium causes plague, and the HIV virus causes a form of immune deficit known as AIDS. But much more often, the presence of parasites does not result in immediate severe consequences. However, their presence can overburden our immune, lymphatic, and digestive systems. Over time, this can lead to serious chronic diseases.

Eliminating those unwanted guests is usually a first and crucial step to healthy longevity.

There are several methods for doing this. Anti-infective drugs, such as antibiotics, usually remove a significant fraction of pathogens. Still, they carry an additional stress factor for the body. Another excellent method is an intravenous ozone infusion, which subdues a broad spectrum of viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. However, the active oxygen released by this procedure cannot reach certain parts of the blood system. Also, the process does not destroy the pathogens residing in deep tissues.

It would be very beneficial if there were an alternative method that would allow the destruction of parasitic microorganisms throughout the body using a very different mechanism. Fortunately, such a method exists.

In 1921, American scientist Royal Reginald Rife, studying the behavior of microorganisms, invented a microscope with an unprecedented resolution. Unlike modern super high-resolution electronic microscopes, his device could observe living cells without destroying them. Rife’s microscope was fundamentally different from the other microspores of his day. Instead of using light diffraction on the observed objects, his device induced fluorescence of the microorganisms by an ultraviolet electromagnetic field. Dr. Rife had discovered fluorescent UV microscopy 50 years ahead of his time.

It’s well known that UV waves and visible light are, in fact, electromagnetic waves.

At this point, Doctor Rife started wondering: if it was possible to affect pathogens with UV radiation to the point of fluorescence – could it be possible to obliterate them by applying electromagnetic fields of other frequencies? After conducting hundreds of experiments, he found a definite confirmation for his hypothesis. It turned out that almost every pathological microorganism was prone to destruction by a particular electromagnetic frequency. Dr. Rife called those frequencies Mortal Oscillatory Rates.

During his research, Dr. Rife composed a list containing hundreds of these frequencies. Human cells and the human microbiome, which have much higher resonance rates, cannot be harmed by Rife frequencies.

A Rife machine is an apparatus that can deliver these frequencies to a patient’s body. Spooky2 is one of the best Rife machines available today.

It’s a well-known fact that alternating electric currents create electromagnetic waves. The EMF field always consists of many frequencies, which are multiples of the frequency with which the current pulses. These are called harmonics. Classical physics says there will be an infinite number of harmonics. However, according to quantum physics, only a limited number of harmonics will exist.

Spooky2 is a kit that contains several components.

The main element is the waveform generator, which creates an alternating electric current with an exact and stable periodic form called the waveform. The generator has 20 preset waveforms, which are computer controlled. It also has a USB interface, can be connected to a PC, and can be controlled programmatically using a dedicated application. The application can run on both Windows and macOS, is available for free, and contains a database containing all known Rife frequencies.

The frequency generator is not meant to be used on its own. It requires an EMF (electromagnetic field) generating device to deliver the Rife frequencies to the patient’s cells.

Spooky2 contains two types of electromagnetic field generators:

Rife plasma tube.

The Spooky2 plasma Phanatron tube is similar in design to the apparatus initially used by Dr. Rife. It was improved for durability and plasma stability. The plasma tube a sealed transparent tube filled with helium, an inert gas. An electric discharge running through the gas can efficiently ionize it. The Plasma tube is activated by an AC current with a frequency of 44 KHz, creating a permanent electric discharge inside the inert gas. Ionization turns part of the gas into plasma, a fifth matter state. Inside the plasma, the particles which comprise atoms are no longer bound together and exist as a mixture of ions and free electrons. Under those conditions, the spectrum of the Rife plasma tube lies in the visible/ultraviolet range.

Rife’s frequencies lie in the extreme low, and radio frequency ranges.

The generator’s frequency is set to one of Rife’s frequencies, and its current is added to the plasma tube discharge current current. This creates an additional line in the Spooky2 plasma spectrum, which coincides with the Rife frequency transmitted by the generator. When held at about 10cm from the body, the device starts destroying parasitic microorganisms along the electromagnetic wave path. EM waves of this frequency permeate deep into the body. They can reach and destroy pathogens not usually affected by other cleansing methods. The Spoky2 plasms Phanotron tube is made of borosilicate glass – a tough and resilient material that cannot be broken easily. This choice of material ensures the patient’s safety throughout the healing procedure.

Figure 1. Spooky2 Plasma Phanatron tube

PEMF coil.

The PEMF coil is a specially designed solenoid that can generate an electromagnetic field when connected to an alternating electric current. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. This device operates in the middle and low Rife frequency ranges. Its fields are more focused than those of the plasma tube. The frequencies are partially in the Radio Frequency part of the spectrum. They interact with body cells by electromagnetic induction, which can lead to a slight heating effect. Because of this, the signal applied to the coil is pulsed – it’s a periodic series of bursts followed by pauses. Due to this waveform structure, the heating effect does not manifest itself, and the patient does not experience any discomfort. This device works with the PEMF waveform from the Spooky2 current generator.

Spooky2 has several other healing modalities besides Rife frequency cleansing. After Rife had discovered mortal oscillator rates, other scientists discovered that specific electromagnetic frequencies could directly benefit our health. One example is the Schumann resonance frequency.

The Schuman resonance is a set of very low-frequency peaks in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum. These peaks are caused by the interaction of lightning with the Earth’s ionosphere. The fundamental peak is at 7.83 Hz, and there are several weaker ones at 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 Hz. Electromagnetic waves with the fundamental Schuman frequency have a wavelength equal to the Earth’s circumference. For this reason, it’s sometimes called ‘The Earth’s heartbeat. Waves of this frequency are well-known for their plethora of health benefits. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have shown that exposure to this frequency can increase stress resilience, enhance memory, and improve cognitive capabilities. On the other hand, removing those fields from the environment increases stress levels and causes headaches and other health issues. Spooky2 plasma field can be modulated by the Schuman frequency, thus delivering an electromagnetic field with healing properties to the patient.

Spooky2 PEMF coils.
Figure 2. Spooky2 PEMF coils

Chronic illnesses can shift homeostasis into a position that can be difficult or impossible to change by methods of conventional medicine. Spooky2 EMF frequency healing system has unique cleansing and therapeutic properties. At Santa Maria Holistic Wellness Center, we use Spooky2 synergistically with other cleansing methods. Such a combination helps us shift the homeostasis back to normal and set your body on the path of self–healing.

Yuri Nikolsky


Yuri is a molecular biologist, trained in military medicine (infectious diseases and epidemiology). Fifteen years of experience as an academic scientist and executive at biotech companies. Expertise in pre-clinical small molecules drug discovery, systems biology, genomics, translational medicine. Published over 70 peer-review scientific articles. Yuri is a US-certified stem cells practitioner (ISSCA). Yuri is in charge of Santa Maria technology and health programs

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