We can help if you experience:

  • Chronic fatigue, weakness, lack of energy
  • Metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, sugar, triglycerides)
  • Brain fog, short memory loss, frequent headaches, light sensitivity or similar neurological conditions
  • Extra weight hard to get rid of
  • Anxiety, chronic depression
  • Chronic Lyme disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Undiagnosed conditions

On average, our patients shade 6 years of biological age after 2-weeks stay

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What do we offer?

Unique health programs which include:

Comprehensive health evaluation

Live and dry blood microscopy

Deep cleansing of blood, lymphatic and GI systems

Over 40 holistic treatments

IV drips and intravenous laser illumination

15 beauty and weight-loss procedures

Anti-inflammatory meals from a pro chef

Herbal and naturopathic protocols

Wood steam sauna with a certified therapist

Swimming ocean tide pools

Holistic doctor supervision

Health education and master classes

Physical therapy with a pro instructor

Patients lie in special suits and masks under the supervision of a therapist
Dr Yuri Nikolsky consultation
Treatment room
Treatment room
Treatment room
Treatment room
Treatment room
Treatment room
Women doing morning exercises in the main hall of the Santa Maria clinic
The massage room of the Santa Maria clinic is located in a separate building right by the ocean, with panoramic windows on four sides
Ocean and ocean pool of Santa Maria Clinic
View from the windows of the main building of the Santa Maria clinic: ocean, rocks, sunset, a seagull in the sky

Our advantages:

  • 4 years in business; over 1000 satisfied patients
  • Co-founded by a scientist (genetics, microbiology), published 2 books and over 100 articles
  • A team of >20 experienced practitioners
  • Comprehensive health evaluation in 24h (blood and urine lab tests, blood microscopy, ultrasound of all systems, machine diagnostics)
  • Pacific ocean front

Our patients experience:

  • 6 years average reduction of biological age (see cases)
  • 20% - 40% decrease of blood sugar, cholesterol and tryglicerides levels
  • 40-60% improvement of renal function
  • Drop in systemic inflammation markers
  • Energy boost
  • Microscopy-confirmed blood cleansing (see cleansing)
  • Mood and mental state improvement
  • New knowledge, vision and motivation for healthier life style
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What our customers say about Santa Maria

“I was fortunate to find Santa Maria Health Resort Alternative medicine really does work! Maria and her staff are very knowledgeable about holistic and functional medicine. They are genuinely concern about your health and actually alleviate your pains. I highly recommend going there.”
— Betty S.
“What an awesome experience! I had struggled with morning allergies and could never figure out the source. Traditional methods did not help. Maria suggested Ozone treatment, which solved my problem - my morning allergies pretty much went away. On top of that, the staff is very professional, the place is beautiful. Highly recommended.”
— Daniel Obodovski
“Magical place, amazingly caring and passionate stuff. Delicious food on the top of what I really came for: to get healthier and I did! My blood sugar is at the lowest I ever had. My energy is up. I finally start sleeping through the night. Candida is gone from my blood-thanks to ozone therapy treatments. This spring I am coming back with my husband. Thank you for your passion.”
— dieganka

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