in Baja California

What you'll get
European style health programs for immunity boost, recovery after COVID and vaccination, chronic Lyme disease, active detox, anti-anxiety, cleansing body and mind.
Santa Maria was created from a journey to over three continents and research of integrated practices at medical resorts in Germany, Austria, Israel and Eastern Europe. At Santa Maria we combine innovative holistic therapies, restorative procedures, and IV infusions into individual health programs. The effect of this is amplified by sweeping ocean views, yoga, meditation and organic meal offerings.
Individual intensive programs for chronic conditions & preventive
We overstand chronic conditions caused by extra weight, undiagnosed cases with fatigue, migrating pains, brain fog, SIBO and neurological symptoms. At Santa Maria, we offer affordable individual programs with potent treatments. Our doctors are guided by in-depth interviews and multi-facet diagnostics (lab tests, live and dry blood analysis, wave/feedback diagnostics).
Ocean Front accommodations
Santa Maria was built out of natural and eco-friendly materials, on a lava cliff above the pacific ocean. We believe that the ocean is the greatest source of power and healing, each room has been carefully curated to highlight this.
Professional Service in a family setting
Our team consists of trained professionals in their field. We work together to provide the best of care, when you come to Santa Maria you become part of our family.
Ocean front spa and sea water pool
Our guests will enjoy a unique ocean experience with our sea water swimming pool, oceanfront jacuzzi and sauna and ocean front massage bungalow.
Healthy organic menu with a touch of Baja warmth
All food at Santa Maria is prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, with around 80% coming from local organic + biodynamic farms. With a vegetarian and raw menu, Our chief is inspired by local cuisine of Baja and international influences.
Location: Baja California
Baja has a vibrant and fast growing expat community. Some facts:
  • Baja California is #1 medical tourism market in the world, with >$5.7B annual revenue. Patients from over 50 countries come here for treatments
  • Mexico is #1 destination for US tourists. Unlike other countries, the border has not been closed for a single day this year. All US citizen and permanent residents are welcome in Mexico
  • Over 200,000 US expats live in Baja year around, more than in any other territory of similar size in the world
  • There is NO travel restrictions from the US to Baja
  • San Ysidro, the US-Mexico crossing in San Diego is the busiest border in the world. Over 40,000 people cross here daily
We are excited about the continuing development of Santa Maria. Please pardon our dust as we continue to improve this breathtaking oceanside retreat. We appreciate your patience and look forward to announcing its completion
Diagnostics at our retreat
The right and timely diagnostics is hugely important for selecting a treatment plan, evaluating therapy efficiency and detecting counter-indications for certain procedures. We offer both traditional lab diagnostics, live blood analysis and biofeedback by electromagnetic and sound waves. All testing is supported by professional interpretation and report.
Electromagnetic waves (frequency) diagnostics and biofeedback
Lab diagnostics
Live blood analysis
Diagnostics for chronic infections
Our story
Our road to Santa Maria was a long personal journey of healing from chronic Lyme disease, which led us to over 40 clinics, medical resorts and doctors in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Russia and a number of international conferences. We have tried about every procedure on the book of integrative care, from photodynamic laser protocols to electromagnetic field healing, ozone and peloid therapy. We met fellow patients with light and severe chronic symptoms, often misdiagnosed. An achieved life scientist, Yuri studied peer-reviewed research behind each method and combination.
This experience and knowledge are what we are pleased to share with our Santa Maria guests.
Medical health spa retreats
Medical health spa retreats
Medical health spa retreats
Most importantly, we realized that there is no such things as "knee arthritis", "chronic headache", "low thyroid hormone" or "bad teeth". Our body is an incredibly complex supersystem composed of >100 trillion cells (and 10 times that many microbes), connected by >90,000 miles of electric cables, our nervous system. Every cell, tissue and organ is intervened with everything else by the means of biochemistry, thermodynamics and quantum physics. Any local symptom is a reflection of the system's disturbance and so should be treated in the context of the entire body and mind. This holistic principle is best realized in the "P4 medicine" concept in healthcare, for Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory.
Unlike "western" medicine focused on treatment of acute conditions with pharmaceuticals and interventions, P4 model aims to detect diseases early, focus on cause in therapy and provide live-long guidelines for preventing disorders and supporting active longevity.
P4 model entails multi-facet functional diagnostics, personalized treatment programs and long term health support plans for every patient. This is the model we implement at the Santa Maria Medical Retreat.
Medical health spa retreats
Medical health spa retreats
Although new in the US, P4 model has being implied at the European medical resorts for years. Integrative part of healthcare, these resorts are famous for outstanding preventive care and long-lasting healing of chronic conditions. They succeed by combining holistic innovative therapies, restorative procedures, IV infusions and healing nutrition into individual health programs. The effect is amplified by all-inclusive 5-start accommodations, educational programs, yoga, meditation and physical activities. Not surprising that many guests return year after year, preferring to invest in disease prevention instead of hospital stays. Research shows that regular preventive care in medical resorts is one of the reasons why Europeans live 3-7 years longer than Americans.
In Santa Maria, we made adjustments for the challenging US healthcare and a new reality of on-line workspace and gig economy. We selected the procedures most effective for both health restoration, relaxation and relieve of chronic conditions. We combined procedures into effective programs with the maximum effect on the body, developed by a top preventive care doctor in Russia. We can also help to select the procedures a-la-carte in individual packages.
Medical health spa retreats
Medical health spa retreats
COVID safety
We all understand the dangers of COVID pandemic and consider COVID safety as the #1 priority.
Write us in which days you want to arrive and plan your stay
Vera Z.
I am 67-years old and I had a surgery on my right ankle due to problems with my joints. My surgeon in Santa Barbara had offered post-surgery physical therapy, but it did not seem to be effective. After completing a treatment program at Santa Maria, I feel a noticeable improvement in both my ability to walk and relief of my pain. When I came back for a follow-up appointment with my physician and reviewing new test results, he was pleasantly surprised to see my progress. In addition, treatment that I received in Santa Maria Retreat, have helped me to improve my overall sense of well being and to increase my energy level and as well provided great boost to my immune system.
Katerina Z.
I have a long history of fibrocystic disease with no feasible solution offered by Western medicine. It was at the Santa Maria retreat that after completing a comprehensive testing and disgnostic process that I successfully went through a series of treatments which helped me with my chronic symptoms and provided much-needed pain relief. I also been able to achieve relief for ear pain which I was suffering from for nearly a year. I feel very grateful for the amount of personalized and thorough attention and the holistic approach Maria and Yuri provided in treating my symptoms. Thank you for helping me to return back to good health.
Olga G.
Awesome resort!!!
Place where you will feel reborn!
They provide services such as, sauna, deep tissue message, blood test for health rehabilitation, lodging accommodations, natural food - they grow their own organic foods, spa services, and many many more. A minimum you would want to stay is 7 days, however I would stay there forever. Great staff and the owners are great and amazing people! This is a must place if you're looking for alternative natural medicinal therapy.
Magical place, amazingly caring and passionate stuff. Delicious food on the top of what I really came for: to get healthier and I did! My blood sugar is at the lowest I ever had. My energy is up. I finally start sleeping through the night. Candida is gone from my blood-thanks to ozone therapy treatments. This spring I am coming back with my husband. Thank you for your passion.
What an awesome experience! I had struggled with morning allergies and could never figure out the source. Traditional methods did not help. Maria suggested Ozone treatment, which solved my problem - my morning allergies pretty much went away. On top of that, the staff is very professional, the place is beautiful. Highly recommended.
Betty S.
I was fortunate to find Santa Maria Health Resort Alternative medicine really does work! Maria and her staff are very knowledgeable about holistic and functional medicine. They are genuinely concern about your health and actually alleviate your pains. I highly recommend going there.