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Santa Maria: Integrative Medicine Clinic with roots in science

9 out of 10 people we see these days talk about chronic fatigue. Usually, it comes with other complains: Hard to get up in the morning. Poor sleep. Increasingly frequent headaches. Anxiety. Apathy. Brain fog. Joint and muscle pain. Issues with GI system.
These complains are not surprising. Yes, we all know about healthy diets and physical activity. However, as a society, we work harder than ever, absorb more stress, have less time for exercise and sleep, eat late and weight more. And, in recent years, we see life expectancy declining, despite taking more pharmaceuticals than ever in history.

What can we do?
Is there really a sustainable, drug-free way to boost energy, prevent chronic diseases and slow down ageing?

Yes. And we at Santa Maria Health Center can help. We specialize in treating chronic conditions and healthy longevity. We offer comprehensive healing programs rooted in modern bioscience and inspired by European medical spas. We combine deep cleansing of blood, lymph and main organ systems, reducing chronic inflammation, detox and direct energy re-charging.
Our procedures of vibration, oxidative and light therapies are simple and well-known. Developed mostly in Europe, they have been used for years in health retreats in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and some other countries. They are very effective when applied as multi-days protocols and supported by herbal & naturopathic formulas and special foods.
Our programs help to restore circulation, re-load metabolism and rejuvenate the organs by awaking our body's enormous self-healing potential. You will feel the results within 3-4 days, but it takes 10-21 days of consecutive treatments for reaching sustainable long-term health restoration.

For extra-busy people, we have intensive 3 and 7-days programs. They are good for "quick-fix" health improvement, but the effects last 3-4 months, which we highly recommend to follow with a longer stay.

Our programs are individual. Our doctors start with lab tests, blood microscopy and in-depth health interviews to design protocols for each patient. The core procedures are universal, but combinations of frequencies, herbs and nutrients make healing unique for every person.

What do our guests get after a stay at Santa Maria?

  • Complete energy restoration
  • Fatigue gone for good
  • Sleep back to normal
  • Unstoppable desire to move, dance, swim and walk
  • Substantial chronic pain reduction
  • Gone anxiety and desire to smile again
Important: we are small (you can call us a boutique or concierge retreat), so the number of spots is limited. Please book here in advance with a small deposit.
Please read about our most popular programs and treatments here
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Easy to reach location. FREE shuttle service provided.
New 3 day Packages
Try our new 3 - day programs for energy nourishment and deep relaxation
They will leave you feeling revived and rejuvinated.
Home detox preparation (3-5 days)
Doctors consultation & checkup
Premade Health Program or Individual Program (7, 10, 14, 21 days)
Individual home treatment plan (3-5 weeks)
How does it work?
Your journey begins with a detox groundwork at home and continues with an intensive healing program at Santa Maria, followed by an individual health plan, prescribed by our doctors.
  • Science based blood microscopy
  • Lab diagnostic
  • Ultrasound diagnostic
  • Bio-feedback diagnostic
  • Comprehensive health questionnaires
  • Cleansing
  • Detox
  • All body systems Restoration
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Diet
  • Herbal plan
  • Supplements
  • Physical activity
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What we offer
Intensive health programs for immunity, COVID recovery, chronic Lyme disease, detox, mental health disorders, metabolic syndrome, and more
Santa Maria was created from a journey to over three continents and research of integrated practices at medical resorts in Germany, Austria, Israel and Eastern Europe. At Santa Maria we combine innovative holistic therapies, such as PEMF vibration therapy, laser blood irradiation, ozonation therapies with restorative procedures, and IV infusions into individual health programs. The effect of this is amplified by sweeping ocean views, yoga, meditation and organic meal offerings.
Individual approach to chronic conditions
Chronic conditions are often misdiagnosed with overlapping symptoms, such as fatigue, migrating pains, brain fog, bloating stomach, extra weight, neurological symptoms. Correspondingly, the treatments are often the same, focused on reducing the symptoms. At Santa Maria, we approach each patient individually. Our doctors are guided by in-depth interviews and multi-facet diagnostics (lab tests, live and dry blood analysis, wave and feedback diagnostics). We treat the cause rather than symptoms and our packages are tailored for each patient in such modalities as PEMF frequencies, herbal and nutraceutical formulas.
Ocean-fed pools filled with marvelous blue-green waters of Pacific Ocean
Our guests enjoy a unique ocean experience with our ocean-fed pools filled with marvelous blue-green waters of Pacific Ocean, jacuzzi and ocean front massage bungalow.
Healthy organic menu
All meals at Santa Maria is prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, with around 80% coming from local organic  +  biodynamic farms. With a vegetarian and raw menu, our chief is inspired by local cuisine of Baja and international influences.
Location: Baja California
  • The Mediterranean climate of San Diego and Baja California is considered the most pleasant and healthy in the world
  • The most visited border city in the world, Tijuana is the fastest growing metropolitan area in Mexico and the top medical tourism destination worldwide
  • Mexico welcomes tourists from all over the world offering visa free entry to the citizens of 65 countries including USA, Canada, European Union and Eastern Europe
  • More than 1 million Americans live permanently in Mexico; among them over 200,000 US expats in Baja, CA
  • There are 3 international airports within 150 miles distance that connect Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Retreat with hundreds of our patients worldwide:
    - TIJ - Tijuana International Airport
    - SAN - San Diego International Airport
    - LAX - Los Angeles International Airport
  • There are currently NO pandemic-related travel restrictions in Mexico