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Chronic illnesses can be treated

At Santa Maria Center for Integrative Medicine, we can help you achieve this. We offer more than symptomatic treatment – we restore your health.
  • According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 adults in the USA have at least one chronic disease. 4 out of 10 have two or more. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability.
  • What can Western medicine offer to people suffering from those conditions? A number of drugs, some of them blockbusters. But do they treat the root of the disease or the symptoms, such pain, inflammation or high cholesterol? The latter.
  • When it comes to chronic diseases, conventional medicine primarily treats the symptoms.
  • But the symptoms are not ill.
  • Treating the symptoms does not treat you. It does not make you healthy.
We treat the cause rather the symptoms
We combine evidence-based Western medicine and proven traditional methods.
  • We acknowledge that our body has a vast potential for self-healing
  • In modern society, that potential is often hampered by the circumstances of our daily life
  • Those circumstances include chronic stress, intoxication, and chronic pathogenic infections
  • Chronic stress usually leads to chronic inflammation, which overburdens the immune system
  • The immune system can no longer effectively resist parasites
  • In some cases, the immune system starts to attack itself, resulting in autoimmune conditions
How do we guide you on the path of self-healing
We carry out precise diagnostics to determine the cause of your illness
We help you calm your mind and achieve tranquility
We cleanse your blood of pathogens and toxins
We perform a powerful detox
We recharge your cells with advanced vibration and energy methods
We relieve you of chronic inflammation
We rebalance your microbiome
We help with:
  • Metabolism disorders: metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetic condition, fat liver, kidney issues
  • Mental health issues: anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, addiction, PTSD (10 — 14 days)
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Chronic Lyme disease
  • Women's health issues: chronic gynecological disorders, menopause-related conditions, hormonal disbalance
  • Men's health issues: prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, male infertility
  • Chronic fatigue and brain fog
What do we offer?
Ocean front all-inclusive Retreat for Integrative Medicine
Individual healing programs guided by medical doctors
Organic meals prepared with freshest and finest ingredients, carefully selected by our chef
Free accommodations and access to all amenities
Multi-facet science-based diagnostics: blood microscopy, lab tests, ultrasound scans, and microbiome sequencing
A comprehensive set of over 80 physiological, medical, spa, and beauty procedures
Herbal therapy with unique recipes, created by an endogenous herbalists
A selection of over 200 Latin-American medicinal plants
An individual nutrition plan from a nutritionist doctor
Traditional plant-based medicine treatments, guided by a doctor
Fitness, Pilates, and Zumba for any level from professional instructors
Health & longevity education program (lectures, masterclasses, selected podcasts)
Expected results
  • Deep detox of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and gastrointestinal systems
  • Balanced immune and hormonal systems
  • True rejuvenation and a younger look
  • A lifestyle transformation for healthy longevity
  • A life free from chronic illnesses — we prevent them before they appear
After a stay at our clinic, you will notice the following changes
  • ✓ Complete energy restoration
  • ✓ Fatigue is gone for good
  • ✓ Sleep is back to normal
  • ✓ Your energy will be back. Years back
  • ✓ Substantial chronic pain reduction
  • ✓ Anxiety is gone for good
  • ✓ A desire to smile again
What makes us different?
  • We use a systemic functional approach. No disease is ever located in one organ or body part. We achieve a lasting effect and true recovery by treating the person as a whole.
  • We acknowledge that there is more to a person than the physical body. A calm state of mind and spiritual well-being are essential to true healing.
  • We use methods of modern medicine when necessary. This makes us an integrative medicine clinic.
  • Our chief physician is an accomplished Ph.D. scientist with a long record in drug discovery. When we use modern medical methods, we know what we are doing.
  • Modern medicine is not 100% rooted in science. We use only evidence-based scientific methods.
  • Our mission is to cure our patients. We have no affiliation with pharmaceutical companies and have no incentive to prolong the treatment length.
  • Our price tag is very moderate when compared to clinics that offer similar services.
Your health is the most precious thing you have. Our clinic can help restore it and prevent any chronic diseases in the future.