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Our Team

Our Team
Yuri Nikolsky
Yuri is a molecular biologist, trained in military medicine (infectious diseases and epidemiology). Fifteen years of experience as an academic scientist and executive at biotech companies. Expertise in pre-clinical small molecules drug discovery, systems biology, genomics, translational medicine. Published over 70 peer-review scientific articles. Yuri is a US-certified stem cells practitioner (ISSCA). Yuri is in charge of Santa Maria technology and health programs
Mariya Kurilina
Mariya graduated with top honors from the Lomonosov Moscow University, the highest-ranked university in Russia. Upon graduation, Mariya worked on management positions at several international corporations. A chronic Lyme disease survivor, Maria co-founded Santa Maria Health retreat in order to help fellow patients with modern holistic and biophysics-based therapies. Mariya is certified Psy2.0 Psychosomatics therapist and a certified Nutrition coach from NaturoMama (International School of Nutrition).
Zukhra Galimova
Dr. Zukhra Galimova is a Doctor of Medicine, a general practitioner, a general internist, an obstetrician-gynecologist, a surgeon (operations on pelvic organs / cesarean section) and a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics. Graduated Medical School with honors. Certified specialist in infectious diseases of the urinary and reproductive system, diseases of the mammary glands, physiotherapy. Author of articles on "Metabolic syndrome and its role in hormonal disorders", "Pregnancy and ovarian cancer", "Ovarian cancer screening". During the pandemic from 2019 to 2022, she participated in the state project to combat SARS-CoV-2. Also engaged in anti-age therapy for both women and men. Annually improves her qualifications by participating in various conferences and congresses, including international ones.
"As a general practitioner who deals with systemic treatment of diseases, I believe that an integrative approach is not something new. Any disease has a complex character. Therefore, having deep knowledge in various fields, determining the diagnosis, essence and cause of the disease seems to be a difficult, but solvable task" - Zukhra Galimova, Doctor of Medicine.
Daniel Ortiz Campos
Dr. Daniel is a certified surgeon, general physician and obstetrician graduated from the University of Guadalajara Medical School. Dr. Daniel runs his medical practice for over 18 years and is experienced in a broad range of diseases. Dr. Danial helped to save hundreds of patients during the Covid pandemic
Herman Elizarraras
Herman graduated from Baja California Autonomous University with a certified General Nursing degree. He has 4 years of experience as a licensed Nurse at International Oncology center and Baja hospital / Mexican Institute of Social security (IMSS). He is also a teacher in Oncology in nursing and Venoclisis. Member of Auxiliary primers search and rescue brigade.