Are anxiety and depression an unwanted problem in your life?

Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Center can help you

  • ✓ Cure depression and anxiety disorder in 2-3 weeks
  • ✓ Get rid of any addiction to antidepressants
  • ✓ Improve your overall health in the process

Depression and anxiety can make life unnecessarily difficult

The good news is:

We can help you cure your condition, with lasting results


You don’t have to spend years on counseling – or damage your health with psychotropic drugs

What makes us different?

Conventional Western medicine offers two approaches to the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders. And none of them work properly.
Antidepressants attempt to inhibit the reverse reuptake of serotonin.
  • This method is based on an old monoamine hypothesis.
  • Old does not mean time-tested or scientifically viable!
  • This approach assumes that the brain is biochemically wrong
  • …and attempts to 'correct' it by increasing the local concentration of this "molecule of happiness."
  • A recent study has shown conclusively that there is no correlation between serotonin levels and depression
  • So the basic assumption made by modern pharmacology is false
Conventional medicine fails to factor in some crucial information:
✓ Our brain is an immensely complex system of interconnected neurons
✓ Our mental state depends primarily on the patterns of neural networks
✓ These patterns are much more important than the concentration of neurotransmitters.
✓ 90% of serotonin in our body is produced by gut microbes

Are antidepressants efficient? Not really…

Correcting brain biochemistry with antidepressants can, at best, temporarily alleviate the symptoms. It does NOT address the underlying cause of the issue.

And the side effects are

  • Impaired vision – there are numerous reports directly linking glaucoma to SSSI uptake
  • Fracture risk – research shows 70% increase compared to placebo group
  • Death. According to recent research, 'ADs disrupt multiple adaptive processes regulated by evolutionarily ancient biochemicals, potentially increasing mortality'. The research has shown a 33% higher overall risk of death for patients taking antidepressants.
  • A high chance of addiction to antidepressant drugs
  • Increased resistance to these drugs. Resistance entails an ever-increasing uptake
  • Patients may get hooked on antidepressants after the very first use
  • This can hardly be called 'healing'

What about all the praise antidepressants get ?

A recent meta research study shows that in 79% of cases, researches who have been praising the effectiveness of antidepressants and downplaying their side effects - are directly affiliated with pharmacological companies.

Then there's also psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy attempts to relieve anxiety and depression by addressing deeply rooted psychological issues.
  • Sometimes. psychotherapy can be beneficial
  • But it isn't very effective against anxiety and depression.
  • It assumes that these conditions are caused solely by psychological factors and are the products of our consciousness
  • There is a vast number of other factors which can cause anxiety and depression.
  • Psychotherapy does look for a root cause - but in the wrong place
  • Psychotherapy requires a lot of sessions, entailing a high cost
  • Psychotherapy does look for a root cause - but in the wrong place
Both methods are expensive and inefficient. Antidepressants can also pose a health risk.

What do we offer instead?

Our Anti-stress and relaxation program is based on well-known scientific facts.
Anxiety and depression have physiological causes.
Harmful neural networks are causing these conditions
Those harmful neural networks can be re-programmed

We address the underlying conditions which trigger depression and anxiety:

  • Chronic fatigue and lack of energy
  • Long-term blood infections
  • Chronic systemic inflammation
  • Hidden anemia
  • Imbalanced microbiome

To treat those conditions, we use modern science-based methods:

✓ Oxidation and ozone therapy
✓ IV infusion therapy
✓ Light and laser therapy
✓ Pulsed magnetic field therapy
✓ Lymphatic drainage massage

We complement those therapies with efficient traditional methods

  • Full body massage
  • Mud wraps using unique Baha California medicinal mud
  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Natural plant medicine modulating neural networks
  • Pre- and probiotic program for restoring gut microbiome

After a 2 – 3-week healing program, you will achieve

✓ Long-term relief of anxiety and depression
✓ Deep relaxation for the body and mind
✓ Better mood and sleep
✓ Boost of energy and a surge of vitality
✓ Partial restoration of the gut microbiome

These results will last for many months.

And if you follow our lifestyle recommendations, they will last for years.

Our healing program costs only a fraction of what one could spend on counseling or antidepressants during one year.
If you are asking yourself, 'is there anxiety therapy near me' - look no further than
Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Clinic

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