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Welcome to Santa Maria

The mission of Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Clinic is to unite the efforts of its specialists and partners every day to improve people's health! We work with people and for people. Our goal is to care for the improvement of people's quality of life.

About Us

7 Steps to a Healthy Life from Santa Maria




Inflammation and Pain Relief


Detoxification and Cleansing


Replenishing Deficiencies


Restoration of Damaged Tissues, Digestive System, and Immune System


Consciousness Transformation, Self-Relationship Restoration


Anti-Aging (VIP)

Women doing morning exercises in the main hall of the Santa Maria clinic
Patients lie in special suits and masks under the supervision of a therapist
The massage room of the Santa Maria clinic is located in a separate building right by the ocean, with panoramic windows on four sides
Ocean and ocean pool of Santa Maria Clinic
View from the windows of the main building of the Santa Maria clinic: ocean, rocks, sunset, a seagull in the sky

What Activities We Offer

Experience a wide array of activities we offer to enhance your well-being: indulge in our soothing SPA treatments, enjoy the refreshing pool, savor nutritious meals, benefit from comprehensive medical treatments and diagnostics, and expand your knowledge through engaging masterclasses.

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We are the fastest growing integrative medicine clinic in Mexico with the best specialists.

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Explore Our Rooms

Room Dorada King
Price: 150$ /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: King size bed
Services: Ocean View Panoramic windows, Wifi, Television, Bathroom, and more
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Coral Room
Price: 50$ /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: King size bed
Services: Side Ocean View and large panoramic windows, Wifi, Television, and more
More Details
King Ocean View
Price: 50$ /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: 1 King size bed and 1 Twin bed
Services: Ocean View, Wifi, Television, Bathroom and more
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Queen Ocean View
Price: FREE /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: Queen size bed
Services: Ocean View Room with a private balcony, Wifi, Television, and more
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Amor Room
Price: FREE /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: Queen size bed
Services: Inside View, Private bathroom, Free Wifi, and more
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Cueva Room
Price: FREE /Pernight
Capacity: Max persion 2
Bed: Queen size Bed
Services: Inside View, Semi-Private Bathroom, Free Wifi, and more
More Details
“I was fortunate to find Santa Maria Health Resort Alternative medicine really does work! Maria and her staff are very knowledgeable about holistic and functional medicine. They are genuinely concern about your health and actually alleviate your pains. I highly recommend going there.”
— Betty S.
“What an awesome experience! I had struggled with morning allergies and could never figure out the source. Traditional methods did not help. Maria suggested Ozone treatment, which solved my problem - my morning allergies pretty much went away. On top of that, the staff is very professional, the place is beautiful. Highly recommended.”
— Daniel Obodovski
“Magical place, amazingly caring and passionate stuff. Delicious food on the top of what I really came for: to get healthier and I did! My blood sugar is at the lowest I ever had. My energy is up. I finally start sleeping through the night. Candida is gone from my blood-thanks to ozone therapy treatments. This spring I am coming back with my husband. Thank you for your passion.”
— dieganka

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