Age brings about many unwanted changes to our health

Most of them can be reversed

Our anti-aging program will help you achieve

  • ✓ Revival of natural body mechanisms that fight against aging
  • ✓ Restoration of bodily functions and systems
  • ✓ Younger skin and better overall appearance

Time brings about changes in our life. Time changes our health too

Some of these changes are unwanted.
Such as aging.
Most people would prefer this never to happen. But it does.
And when it does, many of us start looking for ways to stop or reverse this process.
An anti-aging clinic seems to be the obvious place to ask for help.
But what do these clinics offer?
Most focus on reversing the age-related changes to our skin and appearance.
This is indeed an important goal.
But if we only address the skin-related issues, we can, at best, achieve a temporary result.
Aging is a process that affects all our systems and each of the cells in our body.
To reverse this process, we need to address all its components.

What makes our clinic different?

✓ We use only non-invasive methods.
✓ We perform precise diagnostics.
✓ We apply an Integrative approach.
✓ Our program brings about an overall health improvement
✓ Our treatments have lasting results

Why does this work?

We address the underlying causes of aging
  • Telomere shortening
  • Depletion of the stem cell pool
  • Oxidative stress
  • Increasing levels of body intoxication
  • Endocrine system disbalance
  • Depletion of collagen
  • Chronic systemic inflammation
  • Immune system disbalance
  • Accumulation of pathogens

We use science-based methods to reverse ageing processes

  • Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)
    • Stimulates production of collagen
    • Assists regeneration of connective and skeletal tissues
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
    • Activates the adaptive immune system
    • Helps remove toxins
    • Improves the endocrine system
    • Improves Ca2+ balance for better cell signaling and energy production
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Threapy
    • Cleanses the body of parasites
    • Improves cell signaling and cohesiveness in tissues
    • Induces stem cells production
    • Removes certain pathogens
  • Red light therapy
    • Improves production of protein which gives our skin firmness
  • Intravenous laser blood illumination
    • Cleanses the blood by destroying viruses and some bacteria
    • Improves blood cell metabolism and energy production.
    • Improves cardiovascular and immune systems
    • Stimulates stem cells production
  • Vitamin B complex IM
    • Boost the production of key enzymes, such as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This in turn slows down ageing processes.
  • Glutathione IM
    • Protects mitochondria from oxidative and free radical damage
    • Helps make skin more supple, firm, and retain more moisture
    • Decreases skin pigmentation), decreases wrinkle production, increases skin elasticity
  • High dose Vitamin C IV
    • Enhances functional and structural properties of serum lipoprotein to improve anti-oxidant, anti-atherosclerotic, and anti-aging effects via regulation of anti-inflammatory microRNA
  • Alpha-lipoic acid IV
    • Powerful anti-oxidant which directly removes active oxygen species and active nitrogen species. This significantly reduces skin aging.
    • Can reverse mitochondrial decay and restore mitochondrial function to youthful levels
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
    • Increases telomere length
    • Mobilizes stem cells
    • Regrows healthy tissues in the brain, blood vessels and skin
Working in synergy, these treatments activate the built-in natural mechanisms which fight against ageing.

We cannot change back time. But it's possible to reverse biological time.

Our intense healing program will help you genuinely reverse its flow.
If you are looking for an anti-aging clinic, look no further than
Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Center

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