Our Story

A long personal healing journey

Ph.D. Yuri Nikolsky, Psy.D. Mariya Kurilina

Our road to Santa Maria was a long personal journey of healing from chronic Lyme disease, which led us through over 40 clinics, medical resorts and doctors in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Russia and a number of international conferences. We have tried about every procedure on the book of integrative care, from photodynamic laser protocols to electromagnetic field healing, ozone and peloid therapy. We met fellow patients with light and severe chronic symptoms, often misdiagnosed. A distinguished life scientist, Yuri studied peer-reviewed research behind each method and combination.
This experience and knowledge are what we are pleased to share with Santa Maria guests.

Most importantly, we realized that there is no such thing as "knee arthritis", "chronic headache", "low thyroid hormone" or "bad teeth". Our body is an incredibly complex supersystem composed of >100 trillion cells (and 10 times that many microbes), connected by >90,000 miles of electric cables, our nervous system. Every cell, tissue and organ is interconnected with everything else by the means of biochemistry, thermodynamics and quantum physics. Any local symptom is a reflection of the system's disturbance and so should be treated in the context of the entire body and mind. This holistic principle is best realized in the "P4 medicine" concept in healthcare, where "P4" stands for Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory.
Unlike "western" medicine focused on treatment of acute conditions with pharmaceuticals and interventions, P4 model aims at early detection, focuses on the cause and provides life-long guidelines for preventing disorders and supporting active longevity.
P4 model entails comprehensive functional diagnostics, personalized treatment programs and long- term health support plans for every patient. This is the model we implement at Santa Maria Medical Retreat.

View of the main hall of the Santa Maria clinic from above
Santa Maria Team

Although new in the US, P4 model has being implied at European medical resorts for years. Integrative part of healthcare, these resorts are famous for outstanding preventive care and long-lasting healing effect on chronic conditions. They succeed by combining innovative holistic therapies, restorative procedures, IV infusions and clinical nutrition into individual health programs. The effect is amplified by all-inclusive 5- star accommodations, educational programs, yoga, meditation and physical activities. Not surprising that many guests return year after year, preferring to invest in disease prevention rather than in hospital stays. Research shows that regular preventive care in medical resorts is one of the reasons why Europeans live 3-7 years longer than Americans.

In Santa Maria, we made adjustments for the challenging US healthcare and a new reality of on-line workspace and gig economy. We selected the procedures most effective for both health restoration, relaxation and fir chronic condition relief. We combined procedures into effective programs with the maximum effect on the body, developed by a top preventive care doctor in Russia. We can also help to select the procedures a-la-carte in individual packages.

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