We are all created different and our bodies wear and tear differently during the lifetime. Therefore, the very same condition or a symptom can be express in different forms and may require individual therapy. One example is chronic fatigue, a very common complaint of our guests. We feel tired when our mitochondria underperforms and produces too little energy from oxygen we breath and the nutrients we eat. It may be caused by shortness of breath, red blood cells damage, circulation issues, high inflammation level, microbial disbalance in the gut, hypothyroidism and many other reasons. Naturally, different causes require distinctive healing plans during your stay and individual herbal and naturopathic protocols to take home.

In our patient-focused approach, we start with a detailed health interview, blood microscopy and lab testing. Based on our recommendations, most our patients choose an individual program with customized content of procedures, a specific herbal and naturopathic protocol. Although the core set of treatments, herbs and foods stay the same, we are flexible in selecting the package which best fits your health needs and addresses the specific problems we discover during diagnostics. Moreover, our bodies respond to therapy differently. As a result, we often adjust the second week's schedule based on your results, blood microscopy and tests after the first week.

As the individual programs vary broadly in terms of content (therapeutic and beauty procedures, IV drips, supplements), the costs are also different between the patients even with the same condition.

Home detox preparation (3-5 days)
Doctors consultation & checkup
Individual Health Program (7, 10, 14, 21 days)
Individual home treatment plan (3-5 weeks)
How does the program works?
Your journey begins with a detox groundwork at home and continues with an intensive healing program at Santa Maria, followed by an individual health plan, prescribed by our doctors.
  • Science based blood microscopy
  • Lab diagnostic
  • Ultrasound diagnostic
  • Bio-feedback diagnostic
  • Comprehensive health questionnaires
  • Cleansing
  • Detox
  • All body systems Restoration
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Diet
  • Herbal plan
  • Supplements
  • Physical activity
Special wellness package offers from the Santa Maria Clinic

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