Comprehensive treatment and diagnostics in our clinic


Electromagnetic waves (frequency) diagnostics and biofeedback

Biofeedback diagnostics consists of real time scanning of electromagnetic and sound waves emitted by the body for detecting alterations in physiology of different organs and systems. There are several different types of feedback based on measuring electromagnetic, sonar and heat waves radiated by our skin, muscles, brain and internal organs. A comprehensive biofeedback device monitors respiratory, cardiovascular system, central and vegetative neural systems, excretion and reproductive systems.

The doctor of the clinic Santa Maria tells the patient about electromagnetic diagnostics
The doctor of the clinic Santa Maria tells the patient about electromagnetic waves

Every organ and cell type has its own spectrum of electromagnetic waves, with unique frequencies, wavelengths and temporary patterns. In the case of pathology, the system detects and quantifies the alterations in certain wave diapasons and interprets the results in a form of readable report. Then feedback therapy is applied to fix the problems with the body systems and cleanse it from harmful bacteria and other pathogens.


Lab diagnostics

We partner with a professional clinical diagnostics lab in Rosarito for comprehensive analysis of blood, urine and stool. Lab diagnostics and ultrasound scans are included in our Premium and Maximum programs. Specific tests are selected by the doctor.

In the laboratory: analyzing device, test tubes

Live blood analysis

Our blood is an incredibly complex, vital tissue which supplies our body with oxygen, nutrition and hormones, protects against infections, removes toxins, keeps the temperature and pH constant and supports homeostasis. Naturally, blood is the primary source of analytics in health and disease. At doctor's request, clinical labs assess in fixed blood dozens of parameters of cell count and biochemistry, a necessary step in diagnostics.

View of blood under a microscope
View of blood under a microscope

However, clinical tests miss key insights which can be only observed in live blood. How are the red cells shaped? Are they well separated or stick together in a rouleaux? Is the blood too dense? Is the plasma clean or dotted with cholesterol plaques? Are these candida yeasts? Are the white cells alive and happy? Do I have problems with circulation? Adrenal system? Excess calcium? We can answer these and many more questions when look at live blood, wet and dried, under the microscope. Educational Microscopy Observation:

  • Applies direct light, dark field and phase contrast objectives to examine blood and plasma
  • Evaluates internal environment, known as biological terrain
  • Correlates patterns with potential health issues
  • Determines effectiveness of therapies

Diagnostics for chronic infections

In the case of chronic conditions with unclear diagnoses, we highly recommend additional tests for Lyme disease, co-infections and intestinal health (bacterial overgrowth and "leaky gut") . Chronic Lyme disease is highly prevalent in the US and Europe, yet it is usually undiagnosed. Its symptoms mimic autoimmune diseases, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders and more.


These tests are available from our partners:

  • Igenex (https://igenex.com/) (Bay Area, CA, USA) company with "gold standard" Western blot tests, best known in the US Lyme community.
  • Armin labs (https://www.arminlabs.com/)(Munich, Germany). The most trusted Lyme tests in Europe. Original ELISA, Western blot, PCR tests for Borrelia and co-infections.

Test for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO):

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