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Chronic Lyme Disease

Reduce the pathogen load and relieve symptoms of chronic Lyme disease and related pathologies
Health Programs
Chronic Lyme Disease
Reduce the pathogen load and relieve symptoms of chronic Lyme disease and related pathologies
With 500K new cases annually (according to CDC), Lyme disease (caused by a spirochete) is the most prevalent infection after Covid 19 in the US. In some 20% cases, the disease becomes chronic with symptoms varying from chronic fatigue to autoimmune arthritis to brain fog, muscle and join pain and many more. Most cases are misdiagnosed and patients get treated for a wrong cause, often with immune suppressors, which makes things worse. Long-term Lyme patients, we developed an intensive program to fight the infection, detox and boost the immune system damaged by the disease. The minimal stay is 2 weeks and we highly recommend longer treatments.
  • Chronic Lyme disease (defined by symptoms)
  • Post treatment Lyme disease syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Migrating pain in joints and muscles
  • Chronic migraines
  • Brain fog
  • Undiagnosed neuropathy
  • Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Cleanse the infection load without antibiotics
  • Decrease chronic inflammation
  • Deep detox and liver recovery
  • Modulate immune system in autoimmune disorders
  • Boost energy and increase vitality level
The Program includes:

  • Medical treatment plan
  • Meal plan based on doctor’s recommendations
    Available options include
    – Juicing and raw food
    – Vegan alkaline anti-inflammatory food
    – Vegetarian
    – A-la-carte fresh local seafood and local organic chicken
  • Consultations with the doctor (MD)
  • Diagnostics
  • Full access to Santa Maria’s Wellness Club:
    – Ocean-fed pools filled with marvelous blue-green waters of the Pacific Ocean.
    – Fitness & stretching exercises -3 times a week.
    – Educational seminars on health topics
Medical plan includes:
Consultation with a doctor
Daily consultation with a doctor (MD)
Live and dry blood microscopy (“before” and “after”)
Clinical blood diagnostics (biochemistry)
BMI, vitals, O2 concentration
pH urea
Core package
Lymph drainage or IR sauna
PEMF therapy (immune balancing)
Red light therapy
Ceragem chiropractor bed
Foot detox
Russian sauna
Doctor-prescribed procedures (subject to diagnostics and health interview)
Detox Sea of Cortez salt scrab
Full-body mud wrap (1)
Full-body massage (1)
Laser point therapy (6 points)
Magnet therapy (Lyme disease)
Intravenous treatments (from the list below)
Photo-dynamic therapy (PDT)
IV ozone therapy
High-dose vitamin C
Intravenous laser blood illumination (ILBI)
Alpha-lipoic acid
Intramuscular injections (from the list below)
Hyperbaric chamber
Naturopathic healing protocol
Lyme herbal formula
Essential oils therapy
Oxygen cocktails
Turmeric shots
Ginger shots
Total procedures: 45
In the main building of the Santa Maria Health Center in a gated community on the oceanfront (3 minutes from Santa Maria, free shuttle service).
Santa Maria the main house and its Hermana Property
Accommodation options include Main building at the Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Retreat and Hermana property located just 1.5 miles away (transfer is included). Both properties are located on the shoreline. Main building offers ocean-fed pools while Hermana property offers picturesque beaches and palm alleys.
Santa Maria Classic
We offer several meal options (3 times a day) depending on your condition and the doctor’s recommendations:
  1. Juicing and raw food
  2. Vegan alkaline anti-inflammatory food
  3. Vegetarian
Santa Maria Classic Meals
Santa Maria Wellness Club
Fitness & stretching exercises, Jacuzzi, hot tub, full body mineral clay wraps, massage are just few out of the many wellness procedures we offer as part of the Santa Maria Wellness Club and nature-based clinically proven holistic therapies and practices.
Santa Maria Classic Fitness

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