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All-inclusive Health Programs are the main service offered at Santa Maria. By choosing a Health Program, our patients stay at Santa Maria for 7-21 days, with 25-50 procedures a week in ocean-front accommodations, 3-times a day meals from a private chef, and daily fitness.

Please hear directly from our patients about their Santa Maria experience.

Santa Maria offers the best medical spa retreat and holistic medicine health programs in Baja California at an affordable price. Call us at 858-209-68-55

We often hear from people around us that if you don't want to go to the doctors with age and be treated for a bunch of different illnesses, then you need to start right now to lead a healthy lifestyle and strengthen your immune system. The media daily promote its principles, and bloggers give a lot of advice. So what is it and what are its main principles?

Help heal stress, anxiety, depression and restore sleep

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Therapeutic weight loss is not your typical weight loss program. We address the underlying issues and help you reduce weight while improving your health.

Women’s health is a program for all the women ages 18 and up.

IV infusions of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, peptides and enzymes became a very popular therapy option in mainstream and holistic medicine. This is due to high efficiency of delivery of active compounds directly to the blood stream. We offer IV infusions of over 20 custom cocktails, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and immune boosters as part of Health Programs and a-la-carte at our IV Therapy Bar

Men’s Health program is designed for men with chronic reproductive system issues, such as erectile disfunction, infertility and prostate enlargement.

Our anti-age program primarily focuses on boosting natural body defenses for fighting aging processes helping the body to restore its functions which in its turn has a beneficial effect on our external and internal state.

This program will help you to restore your metabolism, and prevent and prevent the development of Type II diabetes. Using a combination of modern science-based methods and traditional therapies, we will help you reduce your blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides, normalize liver and kidney function, lose several pounds of extra weight, and boost your energy.

Many of us carry multi-cellular parasites, mostly worms, which can cause numerous GI problems such as constipation, bloating, mental issues - anxiety and insomnia, skin problems, lacking of energy and even mood swings.

We offer over 60 medical and beauty procedures, including light, laser, PEMF, lymph drainage, water spa, peloid therapy, cosmetics machines and massages.

Liver is an essential organ. With more than 500 vital functions liver keeps us healthy by filtering the bloodstream from foreign substances, toxins and waste, regulating =sugar, amino acid and fat metabolism, de-clogging our blood, producing and storing energy in form of glycogen and vital fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E,K, B12.

As both modern science and ancient practices teach us, life is energy. We produce most of it in a form of ATP in mitochondria, the biochemical batteries in every one of our cells.

The procedures at Santa Maria are offered as packages with all-inclusive Health Programs or a-la-carte for walk-in patients. For walk-ins, please schedule you treatments ahead of time, as Health Programs have a preference

Immune system consists of various organs and over 30 types of immune cells that work together to protect our body from any harmful invasions.

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy

Our body is governed by a 90,000 miles long electric network of nervous system, and the spinal cord is the main command center and conduit of in this network.

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Many of us develop long-lasting complications even after a mild form of covid.

A custom designed integrative medicine program

The most efficient methods of holistic medicine combined into a 3-day program.

California body contouring

3 days of deep relaxation and anti-stress therapy. This program will help you achieve tranquility and peace of mind, and boost your energy level

Please contact us with any questions about Health programs, treatments, spa or beauty procedures.

Oxidation therapy consists of delivering free active oxygen to our organs and tissues. In a fast and immediate way, this aggressive therapy treats many infections, get rid of circulating cancer cells, provides deep detox and activates energy production.

Our intensive Health Programs with up to 10 procedures a week require a comprehensive detox strategy to get rid of endotoxins and body waste metabolites and enhance patients’ energy level. In our detox program, we combine specific procedures (electric lymph drainage, IR sauna, mineral water baths, peloid therapy) with Baja herbal therapy, alkaline diet and balneotherapy

Light and PEMF therapies are directly and efficiently affect our enlighten world. They align us with vital frequencies of Son and Earth, restore the healthy frequencies of organs and tissues and cleanse us from pathogens and unwanted toxins.

Electrotherapy consists of delivering impulses of weak electric current on skin. The impulses of different lengths, shapes and patterns help with multiple joint and muscle diseases, neuropathology conditions, local pains.

Our skin inevitably ages, but this process can be substantially slowed down and even reversed. We apply a line of efficient machines for light, laser and ultrasound therapy for skin care and rejuvenation, as well as unique Baja medicinal mud and clay for facials and whole body wraps.

Water, or balneotherapy, is a must have element at a medical retreat. At Santa Maria, we are blessed with both Baja’s natural mineral water and the Pacific ocean to offer a unique balneotherapy program. Our patients enjoy includes Russian sauna, ocean pool for swimming and efficient medical procedures in Baja mineral water (hydromassage, Vichy shower, Sea of Cortez salt baths).

Medicinal mud is applied for skin and joints disorders, immune and metabolic diseases, chronic infections. We use unique sea mud from Gulf of California (Baja, Mexico). Coming from the richest aquatic ecosystem on Earth, Baja Live Mud has extremely high diversity of mineral salts, including rare elements and unique high salt (halophyte) microbiome. In addition to other conditions, Baja mud is very efficient for treating anxiety, depression, stress and sleep disorders.

Massage is an important integral therapy at a medical retreat. We offer 8 kinds of massage delivered by experienced therapists as part of our Health Programs and a-la-carte for walk-in patients. Please schedule ahead of time

Healthy eating in the modern world has become popular and in demand. And it has become surrounded by a huge number of myths and mischaracterizations. We will try to expose a small part of the myths.

Questions about Santa Maria answered

Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Retreat focuses on chronic diseases, preventive care and longevity and offers over 60 healing procedures for body and mind combined into condition-centered Health Programs. Treatment programs are based on the concept of P4 medicine - a new vector in the world healthcare. This concept got its name from four fundamental principles: prediction, prevention, personalization and participation.

Santa Maria is located on the Pacific oceanfront, in the middle of a scenic shoreline known in Baja as Costa Dorada. Our area is known for beaches, surfing, coastal cosine and world-class vine region Valle de Guadeloupe.

So far, over 7M people have died from the Covid pandemic, a huge tragedy. However, the real crisis is that staggering 30-70% of survivors suffer from long-term symptoms for months after the acute disease.

Our health programs can help people suffering from these conditions

Santa Maria offers the best medical retreat and holistic medicine health programs in Baja California at an affordable price.

Santa Maria offers the best medical spa retreat and holistic medicine health programs in Baja California at an affordable price. Our holistic methods work in synergy to provide a quick and lasting result.Call us at 858-209-68-55

We use science-based methods to address the underlying cause of chronic inflammation and provide pain relief

Unique ocean front SPA with Russian sauna, sea water swimming pool, jaccuzi, beauty and water therapy procedures and professional massage

Some feel weak and sleepy part of day, some have to sleep during the day, others have no energy even when they wake up. These are long term symptoms, often lasting for years. Usually, people use multiple supplements and stimulants, but the effects are not long lasting. The theme is so common, that it is important to dig down to the roots and understand the real reasons for low energy levels.

Are you looking for ways to solve chronic health issues? IV Therapy is the answer! At Santa Maria, we offer the best IV therapy an affordable price.

According to the latest statistics, 70% of the US population is overweight, and 36% are obese. The American Medical Association (AMA) officially recognized obesity as a chronic disease in 2013.

Chronic illnesses are like an entrenched enemy. How can we start the process of treating them? Spooky 2 electromagnetic resonance machine is the answer.