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Chronic illnesses can be treated

At Santa Maria Center for Integrative Medicine, we can help you achieve this. We offer more than symptomatic treatment — we restore your health.
We help with
  • ✔︎   Metabolism disorders
  • ✔︎   Mental health issues
  • ✔︎   Autoimmune disorders
  • ✔︎   Chronic Lyme disease
  • ✔︎   Women's health issues
  • ✔︎   Men's health issues
  • ✔︎   Chronic gastrointestinal diseases
We treat the cause rather the symptoms
We combine evidence-based Western medicine and proven traditional methods.
  • We acknowledge that our body has a vast potential for self-healing
  • In modern society, that potential is often hampered by the circumstances of our daily life
  • Those circumstances include chronic stress, intoxication, and chronic pathogenic infections
  • Chronic stress usually leads to chronic inflammation, which overburdens the immune system
  • The immune system can no longer effectively resist parasites
  • In some cases, the immune system starts to attack itself, resulting in autoimmune conditions
Expected results
Deep detox of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and gastrointestinal systems
Balanced immune and hormonal systems
True rejuvenation and a younger look
A lifestyle transformation for healthy longevity
A life free from chronic illnesses — we prevent them before they appear
After a stay at our clinic, you will notice the following changes
  • ✔︎  Complete energy restoration
  • ✔︎  Fatigue is gone for good
  • ✔︎  Sleep is back to normal
  • ✔︎  Your energy will be back. Years back
  • ✔︎  Substantial chronic pain reduction
  • ✔︎  Anxiety is gone for good
  • ✔︎  A desire to smile again
Our Prices
  • from $390
    per Health Program
  • from $40
    per Treatment
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