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Health Programs

Metabolic Syndrome &
Pre-diabetic Condition

Improve key metabolic parameters (blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes etc.) and reduce body weight
Health Programs
Metabolic Syndrome &
Pre-diabetic Condition
Improve key metabolic parameters (blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver enzymes etc.) and reduce body weight
Over 30% of US population suffers from metabolic syndrome or/and prediabetic condition. In most cases, these conditions are associated with extra weight. For a certain time, metabolic syndrome is painless and most patients feel great (our brain tricks us to eat even more). The problem is that some 70% of such patients develop diabetes II, a very serious and hard to treat chronic condition. You don't have to go that far. Prediabetic condition is relatively easy to reverse by a combination of physical procedures, IVs and diet. This program shows results in just 1 week, with optimal stay of 14 days.
  • Body weight >25BPI
  • Metabolic syndrome (as defined by NIH criteria)
  • Prediabetic condition
  • Difficulty in weight control
  • Mitochondrial disorders
  • Reducing blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, normalize liver and kidney function
  • Loosing several pounds of extra weight
  • Boost of energy and vitality
  • Improved mood and well-being
You can choose between 3 therapeutic modalities – Preventive, Holistic or Medical. The choice will depend on your health condition, diagnostics and consultation with the doctor.
The Program includes:

  • A choice of modality – Preventive, Holistic or Medical
  • A meal plan based on doctor's recommendations, options available:
    - Juicing and raw food,
    - Vegan alkaline anti-inflammatory food,
    - Vegetarian,
    - A-la-carte fresh local seafood and local organic chicken
  • Consultations with the doctor (MD)
  • Diagnostics
  • Full access to Santa Maria's Wellness Club:
    - Ocean-fed pools filled with marvelous blue-green waters of Pacific Ocean (unlimited),
    - Fitness & stretching exercises (3 times a week),
    - Lectures and seminars on health topics.
Preventive plan includes:
Consultation with a doctor
One consultation with a doctor (MD)
Live and dry blood microscopy ("before" and "after")
Core package
Ceragem chiropractor bed
Ocean breathing therapy
Total procedures: 18
Holistic plan includes:
Consultation with a doctor
2 consultations with a doctor (MD) a week
Live and dry blood microscopy ("before" and "after")
Clinical blood diagnostics (biochemistry)
BMI, vitals, O2 concentration
pH urea
Core package
Lymph drainage or IR sauna
PEMF therapy (immune balancing)
Red light therapy
Ceragem chiropractor bed
Foot detox
Russian sauna
Doctor-prescribed procedures (subject to diagnostics and health interview)
Detox Sea of Cortez salt scrab
Turpentine bath
Full-body mud wrap (1)
Full-body massage (1)
Vacuum cupping therapy
Magnet therapy (Metabolic syndrome)
Naturopathic healing protocol
Metabolic herbal formula
Oxygen cocktails
Turmeric shots
Olive leaf herbal mix
Maca root powder
Total procedures: 30
Medical plan includes:
Holistic Package
Consultation with a doctor
Daily consultation with a doctor (MD)
Intravenous treatments (from the list below)
IV ozone therapy
High-dose vitamin C
Intravenous laser blood illumination (ILBI)
Alpha-lipoic acid
Vitamin B complex
Intramuscular injections (from list below)
Vit. B complex
Total procedures: 45
Accommodation options include Main building at the Santa Maria Integrative Medicine Retreat and Hermana property located just 1.5 miles away (transfer is included). Both properties are located on a shoreline. Main building offers ocean-fed pools while Hermana property offers picturesque beaches and palm alleys.
Santa Maria Classic
We offer several meal options (3 times a day) depending on your condition and doctor's recommendations:
  1. Juicing and raw food
  2. Vegan alkaline anti-inflammatory food
  3. Vegetarian
Santa Maria Classic Meals
Santa Maria Wellness Club
Fitness & stretching exercises, Jacuzzi, hot tub, full body mineral clay wraps, massage are just few out of many wellness procedures we offer as part of the Santa Maria Wellness Club and nature-based clinically proven holistic therapies and practices.
Santa Maria Classic Fitness
Package Deals
Each Package includes:
  • Individual treatment plan,
  • Meals three times a day at FARO restaurant,
  • Full access to Santa Maria Wellness Club,
  • 18 to 45 procedures a week

* Price does not include accommodation costs.
** 2 Health Programs package deal requires double occupancy.
Program Length
7 days/6 nights
Program Length
7 days/6 nights
10 days/9 nights
14 days/13 nights
21 days/20 nights
Program Length
7 days/6 nights
10 days/9 nights
14 days/13 nights
21 days/20 nights
By booking 2 treatment programs, you get a 10% discount on each of the selected packages and programs
*All the prices are in US Dollars
*Cancellations within 7 days of arrival - deposit are non refundable. All early departures assume 100% payment charge. To cancel, simply write or e-mail us with a cancellation request and your reservation will be terminated upon verification of your identity.
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*Price includes a package of your choice and a meal plan
*If you are planning to stay off site, please call or email us to schedule your visit. 20% deposit is required at a time of booking and can be paid by bank transfer, Zelle, PayPal or cash.