Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program

All variants of COVID-19 are dangerous, both in acute and "long haul" form. Many patients develop long-lasting complications even after a mild form of the disease. These include respiratory and cardiovascular issues, loss or distortion of sense of smell, immune deficiency, autoimmunity, metabolic changes which may be felt as strange body odor. Mentally, many of us are stressed, exhausted and suffer from anxiety. What can we do to reduce these symptoms and smooth our transition to normal life?
Our medical and scientific team learned to treat chronic effects of infections long before this pandemic. We start with blood microscopy and lab diagnostics and proceed with blood and body detox with physiological methods such as cleansing IVs, PEMF, light therapy, lymph drainage, balneotherapy. Our patients restore lung function with a special breathing technique on a cliff over crashing tidal waves. We support the program with naturopathic protocol of Baja herbs, vitamins and alkaline meals.
  • "Long haul" complications
  • Fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, hair loss
  • Post-disease cardiovascular issues
  • Mental disorders: anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance
  • Secondary infections
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Strengthen your cardio-vascular system
  • Boost your energy and give you a surge of vitality
We offer two therapeutic modalities - Holistic and Medical. Before starting your program you will receive a consultation with a doctor who will determine your treatment plan based on your health condition and diagnostic results.
The post-COVID Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • A choice of modality - Holistic or Medical
  • A meal plan based on doctor's recommendations, options available: Juicing and raw food, Vegan alkaline anti-inflammatory food, Vegetarian, A-la-carte fresh local seafood and local organic chicken
  • Consultations with the doctor (MD)
  • Diagnostics
  • Full access to Santa Maria's Wellness Club: Ocean-fed pools filled with marvelous blue-green waters of Pacific Ocean (unlimited), Fitness & stretching exercises (3 times a week), Lectures and seminars on health topics
Holistic Package includes:
Consultation with a doctor
2 consultations with a doctor (MD) a week
Live and dry blood microscopy ("before" and "after")
Clinical blood diagnostics (biochemistry)
BMI, vitals, O2 concentration
pH urea
Core package
Lymph drainage or IR sauna
Red light therapy
Ceragem chiropractor
Massage chair
Foot detox
Russian sauna
Ocean breathing therapy
Doctor-prescribed procedures (subject to diagnostics and health interview)
Lung restoration inhalations with anti-COVID mix
Full-body mud wrap
Full-body massage
LASMIC point laser
Naturopathic healing protocol
Covid recovery herbal formula
Oxygen cocktails
Fresh aloe vera shots
Medical Program includes:
Holistic Package
Consultation with a doctor
Daily consultation with a doctor (MD)
Live and dry blood microscopy ("before" and "after")
BMI, vitals, O2 concentration
pH urea
Clinical blood diagnostics (biochemistry)
Intravenous treatments (from the list below)
OV ozone therapy
High-dose vitamin C
Intravenous laser blood illumination (ILBI)
Alpha-lipoic acid
Intramuscular injections (1 daily from list below)
Vit. B complex
Hyperbaric chamber
7 days/6 nights
10 days/9 nights
14 days/13 nights
21 days/20 nights
*All the prices are in US dollars and include all the applicable taxes, fees and discounts.
*20% deposit is required at a time of booking and can be paid by bank transfer, Zelle, PayPal or cash.
Cancellations within 7 days before arrival - deposits are non refundable. All Early departures assume 100% payment charge.
Remaining balance is due at time of arrival to Santa Maria.
*Price includes a package of your choice and a meal plan
*If you are planning to stay off site, please call or email us to schedule your visit. 20% deposit is required at a time of booking and can be paid by bank transfer, Zelle, PayPal or cash.
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